I found beauty hiding in the most unlikely place

  In a world so fraught with imperfection, pain, hate, sickness, and death, where can I go to experience true beauty, love, peace, and eternality? In front of me there is a plethora of ills on which to focus. I do get sucked into that. I get up early to write and I end up in… Read more »

When life isn’t going the way you planned

Today I am so aware of the presence of disappointments and disillusionments that I am having a difficult time functioning. Does this ever happen to you? I forget things: I forget to do them, I forget how to say them. I lose interest and feel defeated. I plod through my day like a programmed robot, not truly… Read more »

Who I really am, not who I think I should be

In an effort to be “more positive,” I have blocked my writing flow because I tried to be someone else. I rejected the real me in favor something “better”. I was trying not to sound whiny or defeatist, but I just ended up with silence instead. Silence is not good for a writer. I need to… Read more »

You have a right to be angry.

You have a right to be angry. There are things that have happened to you that should not have happened. There are things that are going on in the world that are wrong. Injustice brings about anger and that is a natural part of the human experience. Anger is a misused emotion and because of… Read more »

Creativity as a healing tool for writers

A creative pursuit can help when life is difficult. Putting the hands to work on a satisfying project can set the mind free from destructive thoughts and flood your body with “feel good” de-stressing neuropeptides that we call endorphins. I am a jewelry maker. I stumbled on to this occupation when the economy faltered in… Read more »

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When I looked up, I was lost

I had my head down writing and when I looked up I was lost. True! There is just so much. It’s all organized into scenes and chapters but I see the word count goal I had and I see that I’m about to blow past it and I have a crisis of confidence: what in… Read more »

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Chapter Excerpt: Mom

I wanted to go back and write a full chapter about my mother and try to explain who she was in a more sympathetic light. It’s important to show these characters in my life in a balanced way, and if only show one side, the reader is going to think that my parents were 100%… Read more »

Sting Sword of Truth

Some days it is difficult to express exactly what is going on in my mind and my heart, and it’s easier to skip writing a blog post. The reason it’s so hard to express it isn’t because I don’t know what’s going on. It’s because I don’t want to be vulnerable. I don’t want to… Read more »

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A husband who can sit with me

I am thankful for a husband who isn’t afraid to sit with me in my struggles against old demons. He is doing God’s work in my life. There is no more present and immediate call than to be Jesus to your family and my husband is living that calling each and every day. I never feel abandoned… Read more »

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Word count update

I’m at 53,444 words in my memoir draft. I have been keeping the words from the parts I think I am going to drop, just so I wouldn’t feel terrible at losing 10-20k words all in one fell swoop. But I am getting to the place where I could take out a lot of those… Read more »

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