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You are significant

THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU You are significant. How do I know? I know because you are a human being, and every human being is significant. That may sound like an oxymoron, because how can everyone be significant? Isn’t the term itself a way to classify, like sorting small and extra large eggs? Well,… Read more »

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Hi Mom

I’m fifty. I’m sitting here today having such a hard time doing anything productive. I’m doing a lot of thinking when I really want to be doing. I’m supposed to be writing a book, but I’ve just been thinking about it all day long. Thinking about how unqualified I am. Thinking about how I don’t… Read more »

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the moment when you find your toes hanging over a great bridgeless gulch – teens, dogs, and hugging

After Baby Kitty but before Winky, a great aberration came into my life. Ok, it was a dog. We got Elby from the pound when he was only 8 weeks old. That dog was one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. This should have been my first warning. It was unusual in the… Read more »

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When God says you need a Maine Coon, you ought to just go along with Him

One of my desires has always been to have a Maine Coon cat. All my cats have been domestic short hairs of unknown origins. And I’ve completely loved them all. Except for that one crazy one. He only stayed a couple of weeks, so who knows, I may have come to love him too if… Read more »