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The hardest lesson I have ever had

I went to a writer’s conference this week. I’m not sure that’s an adequate descriptor for the event. I have been telling people it was a writer’s retreat. It ended up being a spiritual transformation for many of the people in attendance. I include myself in that number. But as I sit and process today… Read more »

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Are you good one day, horrible the next?

Do you feel different from one day to the next? The world can seem like a completely different place depending on the day. Depending on my outlook. But is the world really a different place? No, it’s the same. It’s the same sun, the same tree, the same neighbors, the same. Does your body feel… Read more »

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How to stop fighting food, once and for all, forever

The key to making lasting changes is self-awareness. The most basic form of self-awareness is recognizing that you are a separate individual with an identity. When a baby can recognize his reflection in a mirror, he is on the road to self-awareness. But it doesn’t stop there. We are complicated beings with layers upon layers… Read more »

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Ruled by emotions – no more

Few parents have the emotional intelligence to teach their children how to process their own emotions properly. Seems there are a lot of people walking the Earth who don’t know why they have emotions, and don’t know the proper response to those emotions. My parents had no idea how to deal with their own emotions… Read more »