The older I get, the simpler life becomes. It’s not easier, but it is simpler. As I leave behind my youth, I also receive the gift of leaving behind so many things that are unnecessary: selfish desires, delusions, immature visions of “what I could be.” Stripping away all the superfluous bullshit and focusing on three things—getting “over” myself, reaching out to those God puts in my path, and following the calling of my heart—I simplify life.

As I write my first memoir, I’m telling the story of how a little girl who wasn’t good enough grew up to be a woman who is becoming more than enough. It isn’t an easy journey and it isn’t a straightforward path. Sometimes when I’m gaping at the breathtaking views along the way of this cool journey I find myself on, I stumble over rocks and fall flat on my face. Sometimes I roll backwards down the mountain and erase some of the progress I’ve made.

But my life is different now. When I fall, I get back up, brush off the pebbles and dust, and keeping going on this journey of life. I don’t stay down for long, or turn tail and run back to my comfortable dysfunctions – much. Now I know a secret that has always been true—a secret that was hidden from me for decades: I am loved. I have always been loved.

Look for my book someday.