I had a little adventure the other day. I put bird seeds out in the yard beside my bedroom, and I put seeds up on the window ledge so some of the birds will perch right outside my window, giving me a great view of the goings-on.

It’s been cool the past several mornings so I’ve been opening the window first thing while Darin and I are sitting in bed drinking our coffee. I forgot and left the window open, and Winky busted through the screen. I don’t know how it happened, but he managed to get a Carolina wren in his mouth and was carrying it through my bedroom when I caught him.

Winky is a big strong Maine Coon so I grabbed him by the back of the neck and applied pressure while using a few choice words. Finally I had to smack him on top of the head – it took at least two really good whacks before he let that prize go. He dropped the bird and I escorted him quickly out of the room. The bird lay there on his back in a daze. All his tail feathers were scattered on the floor of my room. I sat down on the floor beside Mr. Wren and watched him. I was sure he was in shock and would die, but I didn’t want to touch him for fear of worsening his injuries. I sat there and apologized to him and waited to see what would happen. His breathing was rapid and every now and then his eyes would look around, like, “what in the hell is happening to me?”

Finally I thought I should do something to try and help him, so I slowly stood and approached him as carefully as I could. I bent down with my hands cupped to scoop the little guy up and move him to shelter. But just as I was about to get him, he let out a great squawk and flew! It was then I realized the ceiling fan was on and made a mad scramble to turn it off. Now I was chuckling. He’d flown back into the shower area; I chased him back into the main room and he landed on top of the ceiling fan. I opened the french doors to the patio and climbed up on the bed on the other side of the ceiling fan. As I stood, he did as predicted and desired, and flew out the french doors to freedom.

I was surprised that he seemed to be perfectly fine, and able to fly and stand up even without any tail feathers. They say Carolina wrens are spunky. Still, I won’t be leaving my window open anymore.

Written by Tina Gasperson

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