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When life isn’t going the way you planned

Today I am so aware of the presence of disappointments and disillusionments that I am having a difficult time functioning. Does this ever happen to you? I forget things: I forget to do them, I forget how to say them. I lose interest and feel defeated. I plod through my day like a programmed robot, not truly… Read more »

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How to talk yourself out of a funk

Today I am focused on the wrong thing and allowing my peace to be disturbed by something that shouldn’t be controlling my mind. My weight. I’ve been carefully following a very effective eating plan since the beginning of this year. I’ve been faithfully writing down everything I eat and drink. I’ve lost a little bit… Read more »

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How to reach a healing moment in your journey – find someone who will listen

I experienced another healing recently. My husband helped me get to it. I love Darin. That’s a good thing since we do want to remain married. He also loves me. I put him through some challenges from time to time. The other day was an example. I can’t really remember what precipitated our exchange, but… Read more »

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Creativity as a healing tool for writers

A creative pursuit can help when life is difficult. Putting the hands to work on a satisfying project can set the mind free from destructive thoughts and flood your body with “feel good” de-stressing neuropeptides that we call endorphins. I am a jewelry maker. I stumbled on to this occupation when the economy faltered in… Read more »

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The zombie fox stole bit me but I’m alive and well

Writing a book about your life is obviously intensely personal. But I think it can be a traumatic feeling for your family too, especially your spouse if you’re married. Sometimes I’m feeling so tender and vulnerable after I get the words out in the morning. My rawness doesn’t translate well to a happy morning chat… Read more »