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Moments of grace

I am spending time at the Atlantic Coast this week. The first three nights I was here with three other women. We’ve been getting together each year for more than 10 years now to spend a weekend at the beach. It’s a time of sharing, eating, drinking, laughing, crying, and relaxing. Now they’ve left and my… Read more »

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What is your most difficult challenge?

It’s the situation that makes you crazy. It might be uncomfortable for you to think about even in the best of times. For me, it’s whenever I think someone might disapprove of me or disagree with me. What? How can that be? Because my old wound is rejection. When someone disapproves of me or something… Read more »

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What is my message? Why does it get stuck in my craw coming out? Not literally, since I am writing it and not speaking it, but still. I will try some “trial” messages here. You can overcome the rejection wound and be who you really are, because you are wanted, loved and accepted. You can… Read more »

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To find yourself, you have to love yourself first.

That’s right – to “find yourself” you have to love and accept yourself first. That seems backward, I know. You might feel like you need to prove yourself before you can be loved. It takes a kind of “leap of faith” to love yourself before you even know who you really are! You may have struggled for… Read more »

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What to do if you screwed up? Course correction.

I hope you are starting to believe that you are a unique treasure, and that you are looking forward to living in the expression of your significance. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, or how many mistakes you’ve made, today is a great day to start living authentically if you haven’t already. But what… Read more »

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Figuring out the real you – the beginning of authenticity

Being yourself is one of the best ways to honor God. He made you on purpose. If you reject your individuality by comparing yourself to others or trying to be like someone else, you are throwing the gift God has given you back in His face. But if you’ve been rejected, or made to feel… Read more »

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How do you live in the moment?

That’s a good question. Living in the moment, or “being fully present” as Eckhart Tolle calls it, can be a challenge sometimes. And just because I’ve spent some time reading about it and practicing it, doesn’t mean that I’m the expert. But I do have some “tips” that work for me, when I remember to… Read more »