I’m participating in the Bite-size Memoir challenge this week; the theme is “Crazy”, which fits perfectly with my story. There’s a lot of crazy in my past.

The idea is to write and share 150 word chunks of memoir – truly bite sized. Here’s my little entry.

I decided to stay quiet; I was afraid that if I interrupted him he might come after me next. We cowered near the edge of the kitchen, not really wanting to see what we were seeing, but unable to walk away. Melissa started crying; that got dad’s attention and he looked over at us with a strange, detached expression.  “Go to your room,” he said, quieter now but intense. “Go!” Melissa turned and ran down the hall. I stood there, feeling anger and disgust rising in me. Somehow this was supposed to be acceptable adult behavior? I was sick of it. But I wasn’t just going to go to my room.


Grant whispered to me, “Maybe I’d better go.”


“Don’t go,” I said, trying not to speak too loud. “Please, don’t go. I’m sorry about this but we can still go outside and walk. Don’t pay attention to my crazy parents, please?”

Written by Tina Gasperson


Lisa Reiter

Hi Tina – great to meet you and SLAM into my life with this crazy piece. Thank you for sharing something so raw – you’ll find a few of us are also needing to honour the truth for different reasons and I hope we get to share more.

Also top marks for being so quick! Fastest ever contribution award ⚡️ !

Thanks for joining in, Lisa x


Thanks for letting me, Lisa! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit that I am already working on my full length memoir, tentatively titled You Loved Me, so it was quick and easy to pull out a bite size. 🙂


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