My hens refuse to roost in their coop. Darin even built them a very nice roosting house and they will not get on it, instead preferring to huddle in the corner outside the coop, on the ground. What? Why? Stubborn girls.

Deep thoughts for the day: writing about your past helps you to see things in a new way and helps you to learn important lessons. Writing this book is as much for my own edification as it will hopefully be for someone reading it. You might want to try it. It’s not necessary to write a book in order to benefit – just try keeping a journal and see what happens. You might be surprised.

I’m up over 50,000 words in my memoir writing adventure, and once again so thankful for Scrivener to keep this huge collection of words in some kind of organizational order. I don’t think I could make sense of what I was doing if I had to try to keep it all straight in Word. Scrivener “holds” it all together in a visible way so I can see what the chapters are doing and how the word count is progressing scene by scene. Can’t recommend Scrivener enough. You’ll need some training when you first start with it, but once you get over the learning curve you’ll love it.

I find myself staying high-level, like flying over in a jet, in this part of the memoir: the early 80’s when I lived with Dad and his wife in Tampa. Probably just want to get through it quickly…. hahah… it was a difficult, mostly unpleasant time for me, and I confirmed that to myself over the past several days by remembering exactly what I did to get out of the arrangement. So I find that I’m not diving down to write detailed, dialogue-based scenes. It’s ok, it helps me get it down into words and then later I can go back and add more detail and scenes when I have the entire story outside of me.

There are a lot of things I will have to go back and do. My writing coach, Brooke Warner, has given me so much valuable feedback that I have yet to incorporate. This book is not even close to being done even though the word count is almost where it needs to be.

I have a new respect for people who complete and publish a full length book. It’s quite an accomplishment, a testament to perseverance and consistency. I guess I have a new respect for myself! I have persevered and continue to do so, through ups and downs in my personal life and challenges that previously would have convinced me to procrastinate or just quit working.

Written by Tina Gasperson

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