Monday is a day for me to regroup and get back to my routine. It’s a day full of potential to be productive and get stuff right and get it done. Now if only I can make Monday last all the way through Friday this week.

After a rough end of the week and weekend, the memoir writing went well this morning. I got a good night full of sleep. I reached and surpassed my word goal and I think I’m moving the story in the right direction so far. I would like to institute a second regular time of writing each day so I can double my word output. I have to learn to be more flexible about my environment in order to do that. It’s just so easy for me to get up early and write in the quiet.

I’ve skipped around a bit on chapters, so right now I am working on Chapter Three, showing how my experiences with a Christian community back in 2008 ended in shame, drawing me closer to the inevitable storm of failure, pain and loss I suffered when I discovered that I hadn’t really gotten over my childhood trauma after all.


Written by Tina Gasperson

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