Time is a crazy thing. The only reality we have is the present moment – think about it. The past is inaccessible – it was only real when it was “now”. The future is also unreachable except moment by moment. This moment, our “now”, is the only thing we have. Living in the moment is the only way we can be grounded in reality. And it is our connection to eternity and to God.

It seems that everything in the world fights against us living in the moment. We obsess over the past, and worry about the future. It doesn’t even have to be the distant future. Some of us miss our entire lives because we live five minutes in the future, all the time thinking about what is about to happen or what we will do next.

The key to satisfaction in life is to stop, breathe, and be. This “now” is your connection with God. Be still, He says. Be still and know that He is God. Jesus says that we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow; that we should be alert. There truly is power in “now”. Take advantage of it – wouldn’t “now” be a good time?

Written by Tina Gasperson


Jim Grey

I’ve always been a fan of time-travel fiction. When I figured out a few years ago that this moment is all that exists, I haven’t enjoyed time-travel fiction nearly as much, because I no longer believe it’s possible.


That’s interesting, Jim. I still like to entertain the idea of time travel even though most likely it is not possible.


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