Have I mentioned that I’m writing a memoir? I added up my chapter words this morning. My writing coach recommended I do this to take stock of where I’m at. My chapters are coming in at 5-6k words each; I have four chapters that are complete and two other chapters that are in progress; one is a third done and the other about two-thirds done. I think I’ll end up with around 12-15 chapters total when I’m done but I’m not sure. My current word count is right at 29,000 – and that’s a big deal, y’all, for this writer who has been so stunted for so many years and habituated to writing super short, edit-as-you-go tech blurbs. I’d thought I had surpassed 30,000 already, but I’ll take the 29k and keep on trucking.

It’s amazing how this pursuit has overtaken the majority of my waking thoughts. My family must be getting tired of hearing me talk about my book, the book, my book. I’m having the ride of my life – lots of ups and downs but I’m not ready to get off any time soon.

Written by Tina Gasperson


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