Older, wiser, knowing less

I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that the less I know, the more I just have to rely on and trust in Jesus. The thing about getting older and wiser, is that you start to understand just how little you know and how much there always is to learn. When I was younger I was… Read more »

I Love You Sew Much, Mom

Here I am again after quite a long hiatus combined with attempts at other things that may or may not have gone well. I’ve brought an old friend with me this time: sewing. Now that my jewelry business has slowed down to almost nothing, I have had gobs of time to pursue this pursuit of… Read more »

I found beauty hiding in the most unlikely place

  In a world so fraught with imperfection, pain, hate, sickness, and death, where can I go to experience true beauty, love, peace, and eternality? In front of me there is a plethora of ills on which to focus. I do get sucked into that. I get up early to write and I end up in… Read more »

How to stay out of World War III with your spouse

Yesterday I was out late and hadn’t seen my husband and family since the morning. All the way home I was thinking about how great it was going to be to talk with them about the progress another family member was making in a personal journey. I may have driven a little too fast on the… Read more »

When life isn’t going the way you planned

Today I am so aware of the presence of disappointments and disillusionments that I am having a difficult time functioning. Does this ever happen to you? I forget things: I forget to do them, I forget how to say them. I lose interest and feel defeated. I plod through my day like a programmed robot, not truly… Read more »

How to talk yourself out of a funk

Today I am focused on the wrong thing and allowing my peace to be disturbed by something that shouldn’t be controlling my mind. My weight. I’ve been carefully following a very effective eating plan since the beginning of this year. I’ve been faithfully writing down everything I eat and drink. I’ve lost a little bit… Read more »

How to reach a healing moment in your journey – find someone who will listen

I experienced another healing recently. My husband helped me get to it. I love Darin. That’s a good thing since we do want to remain married. He also loves me. I put him through some challenges from time to time. The other day was an example. I can’t really remember what precipitated our exchange, but… Read more »

Who I really am, not who I think I should be

In an effort to be “more positive,” I have blocked my writing flow because I tried to be someone else. I rejected the real me in favor something “better”. I was trying not to sound whiny or defeatist, but I just ended up with silence instead. Silence is not good for a writer. I need to… Read more »

Finding happiness right at my feet

What if it’s really all about going small? What if happiness is hiding there in the nooks and crannies of life, right at our feet, instead of just past the horizon? All this time, these decades have been flying by and I’ve been failing in the pursuit of greatness. I’m one of those people who… Read more »

You have a right to be angry.

You have a right to be angry. There are things that have happened to you that should not have happened. There are things that are going on in the world that are wrong. Injustice brings about anger and that is a natural part of the human experience. Anger is a misused emotion and because of… Read more »

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