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How to reach a healing moment in your journey – find someone who will listen

I experienced another healing recently. My husband helped me get to it. I love Darin. That’s a good thing since we do want to remain married. He also loves me. I put him through some challenges from time to time. The other day was an example. I can’t really remember what precipitated our exchange, but… Read more »

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Remembering Luke and Laura and a seedy motel

I’m looking forward to some cool air moving through my neck of the woods here in Florida over the next couple of day.  I’ve grown to love the warmer weather too, finally, after all these years (decades really) of being a Florida girl. I enjoy the feeling of the hot sun soaking into my skin;… Read more »

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Little Farrah Fawcett-haired me

I’m easily distractible but about a year ago I found a service called Focus@Will that streams background music specially engineered to help creatives and others focus on the task at hand. You can tweak the music settings and choose your favorite genre or switch back and forth. I am a fan of the Ambient music collection… Read more »