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Creativity as a healing tool for writers

A creative pursuit can help when life is difficult. Putting the hands to work on a satisfying project can set the mind free from destructive thoughts and flood your body with “feel good” de-stressing neuropeptides that we call endorphins. I am a jewelry maker. I stumbled on to this occupation when the economy faltered in… Read more »

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The zombie fox stole bit me but I’m alive and well

Writing a book about your life is obviously intensely personal. But I think it can be a traumatic feeling for your family too, especially your spouse if you’re married. Sometimes I’m feeling so tender and vulnerable after I get the words out in the morning. My rawness doesn’t translate well to a happy morning chat… Read more »

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The power of a stepparent and the power of forgiveness

Stepparents have an incredible opportunity to do good in the lives of their stepchildren. Children of divorce usually have roadblocks in their way that make it a challenge to grow up healthy and whole. That’s just the way it is. A stepparent can take a child under his or her wing and help to remove… Read more »

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Flying over the unpleasant stuff to get it down

My hens refuse to roost in their coop. Darin even built them a very nice roosting house and they will not get on it, instead preferring to huddle in the corner outside the coop, on the ground. What? Why? Stubborn girls. Deep thoughts for the day: writing about your past helps you to see things… Read more »

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Remembering Luke and Laura and a seedy motel

I’m looking forward to some cool air moving through my neck of the woods here in Florida over the next couple of day.  I’ve grown to love the warmer weather too, finally, after all these years (decades really) of being a Florida girl. I enjoy the feeling of the hot sun soaking into my skin;… Read more »

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The tension and messiness and beauty of self-acceptance

I feel a vulnerability hangover coming on and I haven’t even been vulnerable yet today. So what do you do when you share something highly personal (not private but personal because you created it) with someone very important to you and you don’t get the reaction you’d hoped for? What if your creation is a… Read more »