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Creativity as a healing tool for writers

A creative pursuit can help when life is difficult. Putting the hands to work on a satisfying project can set the mind free from destructive thoughts and flood your body with “feel good” de-stressing neuropeptides that we call endorphins. I am a jewelry maker. I stumbled on to this occupation when the economy faltered in… Read more »

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The tension and messiness and beauty of self-acceptance

I feel a vulnerability hangover coming on and I haven’t even been vulnerable yet today. So what do you do when you share something highly personal (not private but personal because you created it) with someone very important to you and you don’t get the reaction you’d hoped for? What if your creation is a… Read more »

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Telling the muse when to show up

I don’t know exactly how long it took before the practice of writing became such a habit that my body and mind were trained to produce streams of prose on command. Since the beginning of July I’ve been getting up at 4:45am and spending 75 minutes each morning at the keyboard, streaming FocusAtWill and forcing… Read more »