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I put all the blame for my abortions on someone else

Is it possible that God could use my choice for abortion for my own good and for the good of others? Does that sound too scandalous? What if I told you that my children, the ones that were killed through abortion, are alive in heaven, happy and fulfilling a purpose? They are not afterthoughts in… Read more »

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My Heart Was Broken Over My Abortion

Abortion hurts women. I know. For decades I lived with the physical and emotional consequences of the procedure and so did my family. The thing about post-abortion trauma is that most people don’t even know it exists. I didn’t. When I decided to volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center and was exposed to some of… Read more »

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Imperfection is more graceful

The scar forms over the wound and the body is imperfect even though it is healed. The perfectionist/idealist in me doesn’t like the realization that just because I am healed, it doesn’t mean I am perfect. It’s sad news to grasp: I will still struggle sometimes. I will still fail. I will still feel pain…. Read more »