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Creativity as a healing tool for writers

A creative pursuit can help when life is difficult. Putting the hands to work on a satisfying project can set the mind free from destructive thoughts and flood your body with “feel good” de-stressing neuropeptides that we call endorphins. I am a jewelry maker. I stumbled on to this occupation when the economy faltered in… Read more »

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The power of a stepparent and the power of forgiveness

Stepparents have an incredible opportunity to do good in the lives of their stepchildren. Children of divorce usually have roadblocks in their way that make it a challenge to grow up healthy and whole. That’s just the way it is. A stepparent can take a child under his or her wing and help to remove… Read more »

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Take away and taking it all back

This morning our regularly scheduled memoir update is brought to you by our sponsor, Crappy Customer Service Updates. Have you ever had a customer service experience that left you feeling like they couldn’t care less about having you as a customer? Yeah, that just happened to me with Focus@Will. I had a small issue that… Read more »

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Imperfection is more graceful

The scar forms over the wound and the body is imperfect even though it is healed. The perfectionist/idealist in me doesn’t like the realization that just because I am healed, it doesn’t mean I am perfect. It’s sad news to grasp: I will still struggle sometimes. I will still fail. I will still feel pain…. Read more »

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How to tell if you need healing from the past

Don’t ignore your past. It’s there for you to learn something. As painful as it can be to examine the things that happened to you long ago, if done correctly it can make you more effective right now, in your relationships and in your accomplishments. Ignoring the past because you think that time heals all… Read more »

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The hardest lesson I have ever had

I went to a writer’s conference this week. I’m not sure that’s an adequate descriptor for the event. I have been telling people it was a writer’s retreat. It ended up being a spiritual transformation for many of the people in attendance. I include myself in that number. But as I sit and process today… Read more »