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How to tell if you need healing from the past

Don’t ignore your past. It’s there for you to learn something. As painful as it can be to examine the things that happened to you long ago, if done correctly it can make you more effective right now, in your relationships and in your accomplishments. Ignoring the past because you think that time heals all… Read more »

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Telling the muse when to show up

I don’t know exactly how long it took before the practice of writing became such a habit that my body and mind were trained to produce streams of prose on command. Since the beginning of July I’ve been getting up at 4:45am and spending 75 minutes each morning at the keyboard, streaming FocusAtWill and forcing… Read more »

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Excerpt from “You Loved Me” – a memoir of transformation

Today I am posting a short excerpt from the second chapter of the memoir. I won’t do this much yet since everything is still in flux but it feels right for today. We lived in New Jersey, near the coast, south of Atlantic City, in a little town called Brick. Brick Township was a quintessential… Read more »

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When God says you need a Maine Coon, you ought to just go along with Him

One of my desires has always been to have a Maine Coon cat. All my cats have been domestic short hairs of unknown origins. And I’ve completely loved them all. Except for that one crazy one. He only stayed a couple of weeks, so who knows, I may have come to love him too if… Read more »