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This blog post is not perfect

I’ve been re-reading Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott’s writing memoir. I could quote entire chapters here and just leave it at that. She expresses all my angst and hope with¬†languid humor that makes me laugh aloud as I am reading. I kept her words with me throughout my week at Melbourne Beach, letting her honesty… Read more »

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Imperfection is more graceful

The scar forms over the wound and the body is imperfect even though it is healed. The perfectionist/idealist in me doesn’t like the realization that just because I am healed, it doesn’t mean I am perfect. It’s sad news to grasp: I will still struggle sometimes. I will still fail. I will still feel pain…. Read more »

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What causes “writer’s block”?

Whenever I have trouble with my regular writing habit, I like to blame it on “writer’s block.” It’s quick and easy and takes the responsibility off of me. But what is writer’s block anyway?¬†If I really want to keep on writing, it behooves me to get past the victim mentality of calling it writer’s block,… Read more »