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What is your most difficult challenge?

It’s the situation that makes you crazy. It might be uncomfortable for you to think about even in the best of times. For me, it’s whenever I think someone might disapprove of me or disagree with me. What? How can that be? Because my old wound is rejection. When someone disapproves of me or something… Read more »

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Things that keep you from recognizing your significance

Everything in the world seems designed to ensure we get mixed up about our unique purpose. Children are especially vulnerable to picking up the wrong message about themselves, but even into adulthood the human brain focuses more on negative input than positive. Did you know that it takes five positive messages to counteract a negative… Read more »

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the moment when you find your toes hanging over a great bridgeless gulch – teens, dogs, and hugging

After Baby Kitty but before Winky, a great aberration came into my life. Ok, it was a dog. We got Elby from the pound when he was only 8 weeks old. That dog was one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. This should have been my first warning. It was unusual in the… Read more »