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The power of a stepparent and the power of forgiveness

Stepparents have an incredible opportunity to do good in the lives of their stepchildren. Children of divorce usually have roadblocks in their way that make it a challenge to grow up healthy and whole. That’s just the way it is. A stepparent can take a child under his or her wing and help to remove… Read more »

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What causes “writer’s block”?

Whenever I have trouble with my regular writing habit, I like to blame it on “writer’s block.” It’s quick and easy and takes the responsibility off of me. But what is writer’s block anyway?┬áIf I really want to keep on writing, it behooves me to get past the victim mentality of calling it writer’s block,… Read more »

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What to do if you screwed up? Course correction.

I hope you are starting to believe that you are a unique treasure, and that you are looking forward to living in the expression of your significance. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, or how many mistakes you’ve made, today is a great day to start living authentically if you haven’t already. But what… Read more »