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How to talk yourself out of a funk

Today I am focused on the wrong thing and allowing my peace to be disturbed by something that shouldn’t be controlling my mind. My weight. I’ve been carefully following a very effective eating plan since the beginning of this year. I’ve been faithfully writing down everything I eat and drink. I’ve lost a little bit… Read more »

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How to lose weight at 52: the same way you write, silly

Here I am with another blank WordPress post page before me. When I write my blog posts in the morning, I’ve already written several hundred words for the book. This morning the words came faster and not only did I get 700 of them wrestled down, but I finished earlier than usual. It could be… Read more »

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How to stop fighting food, once and for all, forever

The key to making lasting changes is self-awareness. The most basic form of self-awareness is recognizing that you are a separate individual with an identity. When a baby can recognize his reflection in a mirror, he is on the road to self-awareness. But it doesn’t stop there. We are complicated beings with layers upon layers… Read more »