Living a life that makes a difference – this is something we all desire. Most of the things you do are motivated by the search for significance. Or you may give up and decide that you’ll never amount to anything because of that one big mistake you made, or because you’ve waited too long, or because no matter how hard you tried, you just could never figure out what it was that you really wanted to “be” when you grew up.

But your significance is within your grasp! It comes to you in three stages, in a particular order. You need to pass through each of these stages in order for your life to be an accurate expression of the significance you were created with.

Know yourself. In this beginning stage you are stripping away everything you’ve thought about yourself that is false. You are acknowledging that you were created by God and His creation is good. You admit that you do make mistakes and bad choices from time to time, but you begin to realize that your mistakes do not define you. During this time, you are learning the difference between your true desires and your false ones, the ones that have arisen out of your inaccurate view of yourself. You are learning to value who you are, because God values you.

Be yourself. Now that you are learning how to walk away from a lifetime of inaccurate beliefs about yourself, you are free to be who you were created to be. This is the time when you identify what you want, and you can figure out the difference between what you want, and what someone else wants for you. Because you know the real you, and you value that creation, you are no longer ashamed to claim your true identity and walk in it, even if the real you looks different than you thought all your life. You are starting to understand that because God made you, you are worthy of living an authentic life, whatever that may look like for you. You are now free to follow your dreams!

Share yourself. This final step is what really makes the difference between a life lived in full significance and a life lived only for yourself. In order for your dream to be all it can be, you will want to find a way to impact the lives of others through your unique talents. It doesn’t matter what your dream is, there is a way to use it to enrich the lives of others. Sometimes it can take a little creative thought to figure out how to make this happen, other times it just seems to spring up on its own. Either way, it is worth the effort it takes to start impacting people by living your dream. The number of people whose lives you impact doesn’t matter; it may be just a few or it may be thousands. You will know a satisfaction and peace beyond any you have ever experienced.

None of these three stages will give you the desired results alone. All three together are the key to living a full expression of your significance. It’s not too late!

Written by Tina Gasperson

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