That’s right – to “find yourself” you have to love and accept yourself first. That seems backward, I know. You might feel like you need to prove yourself before you can be loved. It takes a kind of “leap of faith” to love yourself before you even know who you really are!

You may have struggled for years wondering what it is that makes your heart sing. I was talking with a friend yesterday, and we agreed that it can be exceedingly difficult to find that one thing that makes you feel like you’ve found your calling in life.

You’re never going to be happy and content until you’re living in an expression of that calling. That desire in your heart is the reason you were created. But you’re not going to find it as long as you’re withholding love from yourself.

“How do you love yourself?” My beautiful friend, who is so talented and so very lovable, asked me this with all sincerity. We all do this – we are kind and generous with others, noticing their good points and downplaying their shortcomings. But with ourselves we are brutal; merciless. The fact is, it is hard to truly love yourself in a non-egoic way until you begin to see yourself as God does.

Maybe you’ve heard this before, that God sees you as an amazingly beautiful and lovable child of his own. He sees past all the “stuff” and into that heart that was created perfectly. But do you really believe it? Has it gotten past the gatekeeper in your head and been allowed to settle down into your very being? Because that’s what needs to happen.

You and I get tripped up by what we see with our eyes and what we know in our heads. And we can see and know a bunch of crap that interferes with that perfect vision of us that God has. He doesn’t get distracted by the crap. His laser-like focus remains on the heart. From His, to yours.

So, the first step in living that purpose, that joyful expression of your significance, that reason for being here, is to see yourself as God sees you. To unlock the treasures in your heart, you have to love your heart. It’s a beautiful heart – so what are you waiting for?

Written by Tina Gasperson

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