I hope you are starting to believe that you are a unique treasure, and that you are looking forward to living in the expression of your significance. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, or how many mistakes you’ve made, today is a great day to start living authentically if you haven’t already.

But what if you’re already part way along this journey and you have a really bad day?  What if you fall into some old patterns of dysfunction because you forgot your significance – or some old bad habits pop up out of nowhere? You thought you’d conquered all that.

You might even be like me, writing a book that is designed to help other people. I come from a background full of rejection and shame, but over the past five years I have learned much about how to overcome those challenges and live in my purpose, loving myself and loving others the way God intends.

It can feel like a crushing defeat when you have a setback, like I did the other day. A bad morning turned into a full meltdown by lunchtime and a serious conflict with my husband, who was pretty much an innocent bystander in the whole thing. And besides being left at the end of the day with a lot of hurt and a jigsaw puzzle of emotions to sort out and amends to make, I was also left feeling that old familiar “poser” feeling. You may have felt that feeling before.

Here I am, attempting to help other people by sharing what I believe is the message God wants to deliver through me, and I’m feeling like just another broken hurting person who has nothing of value to give and needs her own dose of inner healing. That’s when the voice in my head starts in… who do you think you are? You may as well just stop now, there’s nothing left for you to do. You are no longer qualified – if you ever were.

That’s not fun. It’s not pretty. It hurts. If you are hearing that voice, can I tell you that I understand? Please also let me tell you, that voice is the voice of lies. You know how you can tell? Because the voice of lies accuses and attacks. Truth never accuses or attacks. So if you hear that ugly voice of lies, maybe even right now, tell it to stop. Take a deep breath and notice how that lying voice makes you feel. Pretty terrible right? Take another deep breath and counteract the lie with Truth.

I am the only one in the Universe like me. I was created by God and I am significant. Even though I am broken and imperfect because of this life, God’s message can and will shine through me as I allow it. Thank you, God.

Now take a baby step of action. For me it was getting up and writing this blog. Now I feel empowered to continue taking more steps in the right direction. Thank you God, for new days.

What course-correcting action will you take today?

Written by Tina Gasperson

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