You are loved. Let the simplicity and power of that statement wash over you and change you for good. Believe it, because it is true. I struggled with this idea for decades before I decided to accept it and apply it to my life as truth. Now, I still struggle, not with the idea that I am loved, but with how to continuously apply the knowledge of that love in an effective way as I continue on the journey. That’s one of the issues I wrestle with as I write about spirituality and life and purpose.

I’m writing a memoir to share a story from my life. It’s the story of how I grew up unloved, searched for love, and finally found the answer: love had been with me all along. It’s the story of my relationship with my mother and how that relationship was so profound in shaping me. It’s the story of how I found my spiritual and emotional freedom 14 years after her death, when I was finally able to let her go.

This website is a collection of practical information about my memoir, who I am, and why I know you are loved just as I am. Will you join me on this journey of discovery? Whether it is just for a few minutes as you peruse this site, or for a few weeks, if you choose to read my book, or maybe even for years, if we connect here and develop a camaraderie, I look forward to getting to know you better.