I’m at 53,444 words in my memoir draft. I have been keeping the words from the parts I think I am going to drop, just so I wouldn’t feel terrible at losing 10-20k words all in one fell swoop. But I am getting to the place where I could take out a lot of those words and still have a bunch left. I’m just not sure yet what belongs in the story and what doesn’t. A memoir is not meant to be a full life story, just a story from your life. So maybe I have more than one book here. Or maybe I will just have a ton of extra words when its all said and done. Or maybe I’ll just keep it all to myself and let whoever is still here read it once I die.


Written by Tina Gasperson


Cassie Hamilton

Congrats. Keep writing. Eventually, you’ll know what to keep and what to set aside.


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