You are significant. How do I know? I know because you are a human being, and every human being is significant. That may sound like an oxymoron, because how can everyone be significant? Isn’t the term itself a way to classify, like sorting small and extra large eggs?

Well, no. Your significance really has nothing to do with anyone else on the planet. It has nothing to do with any human being who has ever lived or ever will live. That is because there is not one person like you that has ever existed, or ever will. You are a unique combination of your DNA, your temperament, and your circumstances. Even identical twins, who miraculously share the same DNA as a result of a split zygote, look slightly different and usually always have different temperaments and preferences.

So, you are significant because you are different. Did that sink in? Because so much of the time we get it wrong. We think in order to be significant we have to be better than everyone else. But what I’m telling you, what I am absolutely convinced of, is that you are significant because there is no one else like you. Just because you were born. You are a one of a kind creation of God.

You should take a few moments and let that penetrate your skin. Consider, even for 60 seconds, what it means to be different from anyone else who ever has or ever will exist. God is amazingly creative, and one day He had an idea. He decided to create you. Before you even existed in your mother’s womb, God wanted you to exist. No one knows exactly when he made the decision for you to be here, but I happen to believe he came up with the idea way back at the beginning of time, or maybe even before.

But because you were so significant, and you needed to be here on Earth at a certain time for your purpose, he waited until just the right moment. It wasn’t a spontaneous decision. Everything had to be just right. All your ancestors, all their decisions, all their actions, ultimately led to your existence. And none of it was accidental. Mysterious unknowable details abound, but no accidents here. God planned for you even if your parents did not.

For me, that is exciting news because I know that I was wanted, anticipated, planned for, and celebrated over at my birth by the one who created the universe. And so were you. No matter the circumstances surrounding your arrival here, it was a joyous and wonderful event because there is no one else like you.


But here’s the thing. You are significant because you are different. It’s not because you are better than anyone. We are all of us an equal amount of special and amazing. When God looks at all of his human creations, he doesn’t rank us; we all stand shoulder to shoulder. In God’s eyes, none of us is more important than another, and no one gets special treatment because they are better.

We all have different lives though, and different circumstances befall us. Not only that, but the world does sort and classify people. Some of us get treated better than others because of fame, beauty, money, or position. We humans have a consistent tendency to rank people according to how beautiful they are, or how rich and famous. Most people would say that the President is more significant and important than the school janitor. And that’s where we get our ideas about ourselves. Most of us are not rich, famous, or extraordinarily beautiful, and very few of us have invented something amazing or discovered something important, so we decide we are insignificant.

The mistake here is that we base our significance on external qualities and accomplishments. We get the flow wrong. We look around us for our significance instead of looking inside. Instead of looking up at the true source of our significance, and then bestowing that unique significance on the world, we try to draw significance from the world and use that as an endorsement, a stamp of approval.

My point is that it is time for you to get off the crazy idea that if you just accomplish enough, if you are just accepted by the right people, if you could only get that recording contract or the executive level managerial position, or if only your breasts were the right size or your nose was a little narrower, then you would finally become significant. What I am telling you is: relax. Take a deep breath and inhale the truth: you are already incredibly significant and there is nothing you can do to make yourself more important or less important. You are uniquely significant. You just are. The trick is to acknowledge it, internalize it, and to start living in the expression of that significance.

Written by Tina Gasperson

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