Random thoughts on a quiet morning before a busy Sunday.

Random thoughts on a quiet morning before a busy Sunday.

I’m not my own God. I can’t move the planet to make things happen the way I want them to.

But I am the director of my inner life. No power on earth can keep me from having a good attitude if that is what I choose.

Having a good marriage gets easier the longer you have been tending to it. Start today.

Momentum is a good tool and a law of nature. Once your life is moving in a certain direction it takes more effort to stop it than it does to keep it going.

Consistency brings momentum.

Regrets are painful inevitabilities. Use the pain to teach yourself.

If I could go back I would wait 24 more hours before deciding or acting. One day can bring an opposite perspective.

Don’t romanticize your pain. You probably wouldn’t do it differently if you could have the chance. Accept things as they are and grow forward.

I did the best I could with the tools I had available to me.

That imperfection could be the most beautiful thing about you.

You are definitely beautiful.

Everyone’s face is a bit lopsided. We are hand-built.

Parent yourself. Be your own best friend. Give yourself what you needed when you were little. Your mom and dad couldn’t do it then but you can do it now.

Forgive everyone. Including yourself.

For every act of forgiveness a chain is broken. Here’s to freedom.

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