Hype the Covid-19

The media lives on hype. There is a disease spreading around the world that we’ve not encountered before in its current form. Some people are dying. It’s all very new and easy to hype – get people scared and you’ll gain lots of viewership.

I mean, what are you supposed to do with the news that Tom Hanks, the quintessential American hero, has tested positive for this coronavirus, Covid-19 that’s going around?

They make it sound like its a death sentence. And that we should all be very frightened.

Did you know that when you are frightened you are stressed? And when you are stressed, your body has a more difficult time fighting off disease?

Let’s do some logic.

Coronavirus appears to be a bit more deadly than the flu to the aged and weak with underlying conditions. It does not appear to affect young, healthy people in a deadly way.

But do we really know how many people have actually been infected? What if many thousands more people have been infected than we even realize, and what if those people have simply recovered and gone on with life? That would skew the death rate

The CDC says that is what happens with the flu and that is why the death rate from the flu appears to be pretty low – because we know that many more people come down with the flu and then recover than those who are officially diagnosed. And the CDC counts that estimated number in its reports.

This is not happening with the reports on Covid-19, probably because we don’t have years and years of experience with the disease to be able to make educated guesses.

But it is a flu-like disease. OK, I’m not a “scientist” or a “doctor” and so you can just ignore me. But me, I’m not getting hyped up by the media “experts” who have unknown motives.

As with everything else in life, I’ll go on what I see, what I know, and what my intuition tells me.

Yeah, there is something going around. Isn’t there always? OK. I’ll wash my hands more, I’ll stay out of public restrooms, and I probably won’t be going on any cruises any time soon.

But I’ll also continue in my long time quest to be healthy and get healthier physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and therefore more disease resistant. I’ll keep using my homespun remedies and I won’t run to the doctor for every twinge.

Most of all, I will keep calm and not get caught up in the hype. Carry on!

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