When The World Doesn’t Make Sense

When the “out there” world looks scary and unfamiliar, I can fall back on moments to keep me sane. I can anchor myself to what is happening right this second.

When I am hearing multiple versions of the truth from imperfect sources, I can go on what I know and that really is enough.

I just have to remember to actually do that (go on what I know), and sometimes it is hard to remember to do that when there is so much uncertainty.

But you know what? Certainty has always been an illusion. Life is beautiful but it is a rocky, bumpy, dark place of loss, pain and sorrow and I don’t know what is coming next. I’ve never known. To pretend that it isn’t, is to delude myself. I set myself up for terror by demanding certainty and feeling entitled to predictability because when things fall apart, my world crumbles.

The way around it is to drop down into the moment. To live in the now. To trust that love is the answer and to know that I am loved. To reach out in love to the people who need me. To know that there is something bigger than our broken humanity, someone who moves in an infinite perspective that I cannot comprehend, someone who loves us and works everything to our ultimate good.

Living in the now means letting go of expectations and demands. I open my hands and drop my entitlements. And my open hands are filled with new challenges and new blessings to be held loosely.

Life is all wrapped up in this moment, and life is more than just our time on this planet. If life is not going as you would have liked and things feel out of control, reach inside for one thing you can genuinely say “thank you” for and live right there for as long as it takes. Then open your hands, let go, and receive.

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