On Being Loving and Speaking the Truth: I Can Do Both

brown bear in body of water during daytime

In the midst of the fray that is 2020, every now and then one of my Christian friends will climb on their soapbox and remind us all that we should be loving each other.

It’s always the ones you can’t drag a political opinion out of, and most of the time that means they’ve slidden into the moral relativity canyon that’s threatening to swallow us all.

The reason that happens is because people are just not paying attention to the right things. They’re making the mistake of trusting voices that need to be discarded. They’re falling into the trap of thinking that their favorite tv personalities would not, could not be the liars that they are. They really believe, as a large number of people do, that the news announcer whose familiar voice comforts them at the same time each day is their friend.

They’ve never thought about the possibility that this country could fall, and they’ve forgotten that the enemy never gives up trying to get his way: to enact his revenge on God’s children simply because they are created in his image.

I get frustrated when people try to tell me that I need to love on people who want to put in place a system whose ultimate goal is to strip God’s children (that’s all of us, by the way) of life and liberty. I get angry when my friends tell me that I should come alongside my enemies. These enemies are the ones who have made lying a sacrament. It’s perfectly justifiable to lie and deceive because the goal of overthrowing the greatest country in the world is entirely noble. And they have to lie to get people to go along with their plans.

And you want me to just pour some Jesus syrup on that and suck it up?

Let me tell you something. Evil people are messing with God’s children. You know what being loving is? Sometimes being loving means kicking some ass. Ever heard the term “mama bear”? Mama bear gets violent when her cubs are endangered, and you’d better watch out if you’re on the receiving end of her correction.

But Mama’s correction goes the other way too. When one of her cubs gets out of line, the most loving thing she can do is give him a good whack.

A large number of the people in this country need a good loving whack upside the head to get them back in line. And some of them, the ones who are behind all of this, the ones who are complicit, need to be locked up at the very least.

Can you really look at evil countries around the world now and throughout history who have destroyed millions, if not billions of lives and think it could not happen here? Can you as a Christian be so ignorant as to think that the father of lies is not weaving his web even in the USA as a trap? Did you think he would be straightforward about his intent to destroy humanity? Or maybe you are well aware of what is happening and you are complacent. Have you traded in your wisdom and your freedom for the promise of safety and security from the false shepherds of our society?

In this country we are sacrificing millions of children every year and calling it good. What is the loving response when confronted with that kind of evil? In this country we are endorsing 57 genders and allowing dyfunctional mothers to prod their children into “transitioning” so mom can be seen as virtuous. In this country we are fomenting racial violence by telling lies and manipulating people who trust what they are being told. In this country we are allowing nasty, evil politicians from every party to have their way with our sacred trust as they get in bed with Satan and sell their souls for the power they crave. They’re lining their pockets and increasing their power, pushing forward the devil’s goals, all the while pointing the finger at the man who is threatening to disrupt their comfortable system. They’ll do anything to stop him. And you are falling into the trap of their lies and deception.

If you are holding your bible up and telling me to be more loving, you’ve got the wrong idea about love. With love like that, God forbid I should ever find myself at the precipice of falling into a great deception, because the only thing you milquetoast Christians would be willing to do is sing Imagine and walk with me right into that hell.

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