I Found The Blueprint for Success

blade blur bright close up

I think we can see what God is doing in the big picture by looking at the little things. Our daily moments are parables.

I remember seeing a video that began by showing the Earth from our human perspective. Then it began zooming out, above the trees, above the clouds, above the atmosphere, until finally it was as though you were a million light years out in space.

Then the perspective began zooming back down to our planet, back to the familiar. And it kept zooming. Down to the grass blades, inside the cells, magnifying the atoms that make up everything in our universe.

This tiny universe, too small to be seen, mirrors the galaxies, too large to be comprehended.

God has put his maker’s mark all over His creation.

His hand is unmistakable.

If I want to know what is significant, what is important, what is worth doing, I don’t need to “go big”. I can’t comprehend the vastness of God’s perspective. Instead, I need to “go small”.

My moments hold the key to God’s heart and God’s mind.

Evidence: the acorn grows into a mighty oak. The unborn child, cloaked in the darkness and safety of the womb, is suddenly born into a life he couldn’t comprehend was coming. The man and woman marry and show the world the way that Jesus loves his people.

The intracellular makes the galaxies. The universe makes the blades of grass.

It’s a blueprint.

And here’s the proper order: If anything matters, then everything matters.

I always wanted to do something special and be something special. I think many people have this longing. I believe it is a good longing that comes from God the creator. After all, we are created in His image.

I got the perspective wrong though. I used to try and be something BIG. I wanted to be noticed by the world. The special ideas and the talents God gave me – I felt an obligation to share these things at large and I believe if I could just get in front of the right audience, I would be recognized and finally feel the confirmation of my significance. Can you relate to me on this?

I was wrong about that.

After decades of floundering, I finally found my answer in going small. Following God’s hand. Following the ebbs and flows of His design in the tiny things. Participating at a cellular level.

I found my answer in my family. I found my answer in my children.

I found my significance when I realized how important I am to the people who love me.

I found my contentment with life when I became content with my moments.

I realized that by participating fully in my moments, I was influencing the entire universe. I was – I am – BIG significant.

So are you. I can unequivocably stand by that statement – not because I know you, but because I know your Maker. And I see his hand when I see you.

Go small. Go stand among the blades of Grace.

I’m praying for you today.

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