A Morning Song

selective focus photography of piano keys

Hey Tina, hey Tina, whatcha doin whatcha doin, your mind is claiming all the space in the room, you’re finding that you’re doomed to sitting and spinning your wheels when you should sit and spin your tales

don’t let your thoughts be claimed by someone else who doesn’t know your heart and wants to see you fail

you are clear to do this – just do this one little thing at a time the elephant is standing there waiting so get to it

your providence is on your lap

your creator is to your left

all is well

more than conquerors more than conquerors more than conquerors

when people prove themselves imperfect you throw them away

why do you do that

you excise them from your life like burning off warts

that’s not nice

that’s not even a nice way to think about it

last night I dreamed I was friends with a friend again and she’d had a baby

and in the dream when I saw the baby I didn’t think, omg what a miracle that her husband agreed to have a baby with her and I thought she was in menopause (actually that never even occurred to me until just now) but later in the dream I did think, oh what a wonderful thing that she had a baby, it was all she wanted

and as I sit here I wonder if it made her happy to finally have what she wanted

But in dreams we don’t always get all the details

so many times in dreams I get to breastfeed a baby

I wish I could still do that, but only to my own babies

when I get to heaven I want to have more babies and love them very well

If I could go back and love my babies better I would

I would do it in a heart beat even with the heartache

knowing that I could do it better because of what I know now

it would be worth it

oh and to my credit I really don’t hold people to perfection

come on Tina be honest with yourself

come on Tina be loving with yourself

the people who are outside your circle are there for a reason and it’s not because they’re not perfect

they stepped on your soul out of order

to continue would have done nothing to help them and only would have hurt you

so it’s really kind of nice that you let them go

it’s really kind of nice

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