Why have we deified doctors?

crop nurse demonstrating small double colored pill

Doctors are just people. They don’t have any special powers or divinity. They can have biases, habits, and preconceived notions. They might be stubborn or intellectually dishonest. There’s nothing about university education that makes a man less susceptible to ego or power trips or the wiles of a long-legged pharmaceutical rep sitting across the desk from him.

I don’t think I need doctors or clinics to fill me with all kinds of fear and dread about what might be “wrong” with me. So I don’t frequent medical establishments.

Sometimes you might have to – broken bones and other assorted emergencies may lead one to someone with special skills. But the western idea of preventive medicine is to screen me for all sorts of predicted diseases, scare me, and rope me into its clutches, thereby extracting many dollars from my insurance company and looping me into a system that is difficult to break free from especially once they’ve got you on prescriptions.

I’m 58 and I take no prescriptions. I’m old enough to remember a time when that wasn’t so unusual.

The medical industrial complex we have now is an unholy alliance between the “healing arts” and its supporting arms – the aforementioned pharmaceutical giants, medical suppliers, and hospitals. Throw in corn subsidies and hyper palatable frankenfoods that make us insulin-resistant and lead to diabetes and cancer, and its a real live conspiracy in the making.

When it comes to figuring out what I need from western medicine, the answer is: I don’t even get started. I’m not taking your screenings. I’m not making an appointment when I can’t sleep at night or this or that hurts. I’m not getting a mammogram by rote so you can scare me over a spot that was going to go away by itself or you deem is nothing – only after making me wait a month in dread of the results. I know what this is all about. Yes, individuals have good and honorable intentions and they truly believe they are helping people. But that’s not what runs the show. The ringmaster is money, and scaring people is the key to opening the floodgates.

If it wasn’t about money, they’d tell you, for instance, that you can reverse type 2 diabetes quite rapidly with some simple diet and lifestyle changes. But that’s not what they tell you – they say it can only be managed. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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