Manifestation: you’re doing it

I absolutely believe Christians can and do manifest things in their lives. Why should the new age movement get all the benefit of manifestation while we who live by faith deny ourselves the power of this tool? All because of some misplaced conviction that I should passively wait for God to both show and execute his will in my life.

I think we already know God’s will for our life – that we would display the love of Christ wherever we are. That we would grow more like him, whatever we are doing.

The details, the where and what, are given to me to decide as I allow God’s character to continue to invade me and change me.

If anything, manifestation should be an indication of just how wonderfully made we are by our creator. My mental state, my focus, my fears, all contribute to my reality. Why wouldn’t I be able to direct my thoughts in order to bring about some circumstance or situation?

In fact, this happens and you can see it all around you. We all know someone who seems to magnetically attract calamity or sickness – and many times that person is a believer. I don’t think God’s will is ever for us to be sick or in trouble. Sometimes trouble is the result of other people’s actions. Too many times we bring it on ourselves in a twisted kind of manifestation.

And we know other Christians who seem to float from one blessing to another even in the midst of experiencing the normal hardships of life. God’s not being unfair. He’s allowing us to choose our attitude, which then manifests in our circumstances.

We *will* use manifestation in one way or another because we speak our reality whether we are conscious of it or not.

And that’s a wake up call for me to pay more attention to what I am manifesting in my life. To avoid passivity. To actively combat negativity. To think about what I want my life to look like and to speak it into existence. To build my world, consciously instead of by default.

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