I know I’m quirky but

yellow flowers in tilt shift lens

Guys, this is my understanding of God
He is a process-maker, an overseer of our journey
He works with us
He is the Master
He knows what we need
And he knows what we can do
And he knows what we will do
And he knows just how long to wait
How long we need to sit in our stuff
He knows when we will move
And what we will do
Even though we don’t know

I’m not saying He never would just go “poof, you’re whole”
And I’m not saying we are not actually made whole in the Spirit
That is instantaneous and we know this deeply if we are changed
But the outworking of that is thorny
Like a good Dad he partners with us
Like a patient Mom he lets us stir the soup
He watches while we give it a go
He rejoices over us as we muddle along
He wants us to do it, to see it, to accomplish
To feel the work, the strengthening of our maturity

He could just snap his fingers and fix us
But to what end
He doesn’t leave us alone ever
But he takes the training wheels off and watches
Simply because he knows what we are capable of
And he delights in our approach to 
Working out our salvation

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