How was your year? We could judge it on things outside our control, like illness or tragedy or other obstacles. We could judge it on whether we accomplished the things we wanted to, like selling a certain number of books or making a certain dollar amount in commissions. Or, we could judge the success of our year based on our own attitude regardless of things that happened outside of us. In other words, if I suffered a tragedy in my family, what was my attitude like? Did I “show up” to life regardless? Did I respond with a good attitude? Did I look for the positive lessons all around me or did I sink into a pit of despair, throw my hands up, and adopt a victim mentality?

These are the questions I should be asking myself as I evaluate my year.

How was my faith? Did I get scared or did I live the “fear not” mantra that scripture tells us to? Was I present in every moment humanly possible? Don’t worry about tomorrow, Jesus says. How did I do with that? Did I give every opportunity my best shot?

Those are the questions and answers that matter. Those are the true signposts of success.

So how do I think I did? Was 2021 my best year ever?

I think I could do better. It was a difficult year and it got hard to remember the way up sometimes. But – I did a lot of things right and that’s what I choose to focus on. I kept on digging in for more self-awareness, more faith, and more of a positive outlook. I learned more about being in the moment, letting go of negativity, and accepting everything that is outside of my control — which is literally everything that has already happened — which leads to an embracing of the statement “everything is as it should be” – because everything that is, is. Radical acceptance leads to less suffering, which leads to more energy to make a difference in the now.

Understanding that everything happens for my ultimate good is freeing, and freedom is uplifting.

Whenever I look around me and think the world has gone crazy, I can choose not to get sucked into that. I did a lot of putting my hands to the work in front of me this past year, and I learned a lot about myself and about life. I learned to love myself more and I learned to appreciate the beauty in all the small things. I learned to be grateful for so many things and to complain a lot less. I began to understand that my purpose is so much smaller and yet so much grander than I ever realized.

I am looking ahead to the next year with optimism, regardless of what happens in the world. I have so much to learn in this journey.

What about you?


  1. Written on my yearly goals paper:

    “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” T.S. Eliot

    Live as I want to be remembered.  Embrace my life, my family and each moment as a gift from God.   

    Always be true to myself, live with Quality, connected to Nature and Artistic Expression.

    Taste the flavor of life; live like I am on vacation and always remember: 


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